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Investment Expert Search

To build a great company, you must hire great people.

This is especially true for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. It's the only way to rapidly and efficiently grow the companies in which you invest.

We understand you have a lot riding on the hiring process. If you're a Private Equity firm, you need to optimize performance and achieve growth rapidly. If you're a Venture Capital firm, you already face more than enough risk in the startup phase of high-potential companies and don't need additional risk with those you hire.

That's why partnering with Ropella is a smart move. We're the world’s leading executive search and consulting firm specializing in the chemical, technology, and allied industries.  Our systematized search process enables us to quickly locate, assess, and recruit candidates who best fit your highly specialized needs and unique corporate culture.

Our proprietary SMART Search System™
gives you an instant edge.
We have developed a 3-stage / 12-step SMART Search System to carefully define your needs, identify and screen candidates, and grade prospects on a comprehensive set of skills, behaviors, and expectations to deliver only “best fit” candidates. Learn More »

We specialize in highly specific executive searches.
When our Executive Search Team learns of a new open position, an Industry Team Leader with expertise in your marketplace assembles a team and goes to work. Each team member offers a unique specialization by function, such as Sales, Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing, etc. This lets us rapidly develop a list of candidates to meet any need, no matter how specific or complex.

We deliver proven results in 60 days or less.
Our industry expertise and process-driven methods produce a 95% success rate, with 80% of recruits being promoted to higher leadership positions. Plus, the long-term “stick rate” of our recruits is an impressive 98%, which translates into more loyal and productive team members.


Our Results Speak For Themselves
Staple Street Capitol
Staple Street Capitol retained Ropella to find a senior level fragrance industry executive with a thorough knowledge in Intellectual Property and Manufacturing matters. This executive would help Staple Street evaluate the possible acquisition of Polorome. A number of consultants were interviewed, two were hired on for short term projects and eventually one hired on as the President of Polorome.
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Investing Premier Experts. Premier Experience.

Hiring the right executive leadership is important for any company. But for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, it's especially vital. That's because you're faced with unique challenges to optimize performance, achieve rapid growth, and mitigate risk in high-potential markets. And your ventures will grow and prosper in direct proportion to the exceptional talent of your executives and decision makers.

Every company has two kinds of people: those with vision and those who get things done. But when it comes to hiring consultants to shepherd a company toward larger market share and higher profits, you need industry experts with both vision and a track record of real-world success beyond the resume.

We have the experience and expertise to recruit the functional ladders you need to prosper...

  • Administration and Finance
  • Commercial Development
  • Executive Level Management
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • R&D
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • And many others
What Our Clients Say...
" Thank you for all that you and Ropella do for Dow. The processes and systems you have applied (from The Right Hire) while working with Dow have proved very valuable over many years of service. "

Andrew Liveris
Chairman and CEO
The Dow Chemical Company

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