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What Is Our System?
SMART Expert System - Work Smarter, Not Harder Our Smart Search System was developed by Mr. Patrick Ropella over 30 years of working with top C-Suite & Corporate Executives at many of the world's leading technology companies. Your clients are our clients. We learned through much practice that there is a better way to satisfy our clients! Our SMART Search System is much like Six Sigma - for Expert Search. It's used to improve process as it drives quality higher and improves the speed of our results. Exceptional Talent. Exceptionally fast. Like Six Sigma we drive quality and drive speed.
How the SMART Search System Works
Stage 1 - SMART Strategy & Launch

Aligning Expectations

The best way to partner with a search firm is to be sure all parties are on the same page - working together as a highly effective - cohesive team. So... Who's responsible for what actions? Through the Aligning Expectations conversation, together we resolve all questions up front, regarding: How to craft the best messaging for your case, how to conduct the best recruiting strategy, how to effectively screen and assess the best experts and how to onboard the chosen experts for your case. Best way to eliminate search problems... is to discuss them before they happen.


Search Prep Questionnaire

Through the use of the Search Prep Questionnaire we'll lead a conversation with you (and your hiring team if necessary) where we learn everything we need to know about how to represent your case/project in exactly the terms you want used. We'll quickly learn exactly what kind of experts you are most interested in... and develop a world class strategy to attract the best experts to include; where's the best places to find the perfect experts and to clarify how to make sure they are completely conflict free - available for your schedule and actually affordable, etc.

Opportunity Marketing Piece

We know from 30 years of experience that busy, successful professionals want high quality, thorough and well organized information and won't show interest in much less. So we will build a magazine quality piece that represents your case/project in the most compelling and motivating way. This is what gets us candidates many of our competitors never surface. It's powerful - highly effective and gets fantastic results.

Skills Survey

We know our lawyer and corporate executive clients are too busy to screen piles of resumes and then be forced to make decisions as to whether the candidates should be interviewed or not. We simply eliminate that time waster by carefully asking the right qualifying questions of every candidate and then thoroughly assessing each response so when we submit a select list of candidates for your review - all will be interviewed, because all are perfectly well qualified.

Candidate Score Card & Candidate Submission

When we submit candidates we want our clients to feel comfortable asking us as to why we graded some as A's, the others as B's and why we held the C's back. The point being - we want to partner with our clients and help them make the best possible decisions. Our Smart Search System - Candidate Score Card - forces us to go the extra mile in understanding our candidates and to be prepared to guide our clients in a consultative manner.
When we submit candidates every detail you need to know about motivations, career stability, compensation etc... is thoroughly outlined in the candidate's Executive Report.
Stage 2 - SMART Recruiting & Interviewing

We assist our clients not only with the scheduling of interviews but often will guide our clients through the interview process and consult on how to get go deeper when interviewing to make sure behaviors as well as skills and abilities are thoroughly assessed compared and scored.


Interview Debrief
We debrief all parties involved in the interview, immediately after the interviews (to include candidates and their influencers) so we can address any un-answered questions or issues requiring further evaluation, explanation or follow up. This approach often eliminates surprises, resolves remaining confusion and typically makes the difference between a fast successful search or prolonged one.

Stage 3 - SMART Engaging & Onboarding

References & Background Checks
We will conduct whatever type of reference checks will better help us assess candidates more fully and will assist with processing necessary background checks.


Contracting & Onboarding
As soon as a candidate selection has occurred, we will assist our client with all details necessary to successfully navigate the offer and acceptance process and obtain a prompt contract signature, as well we will be there to be sure all contingencies are removed and a start date agreed too. We will continue to serve as an ambassador (for as long as needed) to be sure all communications remain effective, and that the relationship is productively growing.

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