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What do you charge for your service?


There is no upfront charge for working with our client managers to locate an expert. We perform a search to locate the best-qualified, pre-vetted, and conflict-free experts to match your case needs. You are then presented with the best possible expert candidates to review. There is no charge for our services until you designate one or more of our referred candidates.

We then charge a retainer that must be paid before the expert begins work. Our goal is to avoid any potential work stoppage due to lack of funds for the experts first 30 days of work and expenses. Invoices will be credited against the retainer until it is depleted. Thereafter, all other fees for our service are included with the expert’s hourly rate. Ropella experts are independent and determine their own rates. We will quote each expert’s rates at the time of referral. Experts and consultants submit their invoices to Ropella Experts, and we send them to you, our client (unless you notify us that another party is responsible). The invoices will be delivered monthly and will be due within 30 days. Any retainer amount remaining at the end of the project, and after all invoices have been paid, will be promptly refunded.

The key is to keep the expert happy and motivated and not delayed or frustrated by payment issues. Often many of the best experts require a retainer to commit to a case… so we have made a retainer a matter of corporate policy here at Ropella.

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